BISC Methodology

Change Strategy

Once we validate that the interventions achieve desired results, we develop a Change Strategy which includes the Action Plan on how to achieve behavior or social norm change on a larger scale as well as Plan for Integrated Communication Campaign. 

Action Plan and integrated communication Campaign plan

Action Plan

Change Strategy Action Plan is a step-by-step roadmap for scale-up, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  

Integrated Communication Campaign

Traditional communication campaigns are often isolated, short term and inconsistent efforts, not based on behavioral insights and not strategically targeted on different audiences.  

Traditionally, communication campaigns aim at awareness raising or attitude change. Although necessary in some context, Behavior Science research finds that favorable attitude or only receipt of information do not result in desired behavior.  

Our approach to communication differs from traditional campaigns, since we employ tactics that tackle specific biases and heuristics of individuals and serve to enhance the choice architecture for achieving desired behavior.  Integrated Communication Campaign has a much greater chance to influence behavior and social norm changes on a larger scale. This happens due to the following factors: 

1. Campaign is integrated across the audiences: it has a strategic and individualized approach to different target audiences.  

2. Campaign is integrated across all possible media and communication channels: it employs all possible and relevant types of media – PR, advertising, social media, influencers, shows, events, etc.

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