Who we are

We are the interdisciplinary team of professionals who believe that science-based and data-driven decisions can bring a positive social impact. As a pro-social enterprise, we partner with government agencies, international organizations, non-profits and socially-minded companies to address pressing policy and organizational problems. We are here to advise you on applying behavioral insights to make your policies, programs and business processes more human-centered.



We help to design public policy or social change programs with more nuanced approach to human psychology.



We help organizations to build people and change management or recruitment policies with a human touch.



We help private companies, charities or CSOs to develop and optimize their offerings and products with the drivers of human behavior.

Our Mission

We are united by our expertise and passion to apply behavioral insights for improving lives and well-being of people and communities.

Why behavior insights

Leaders, policymakers or program staff often overlook such root causes of a problem as intrinsic human biases, mental models and existing social or physical context in which people make decisions and act. 

BI helps to understand how context, intrinsic human biases and mental models influence people’s behavior. In other words, BI can provide in-depth understanding of drivers behind decisions and behaviors of individuals, rather than making assumptions on how they should or would act. 

Years of BI application worldwide shows that insights into human behavior can lead to more human-centered and impactful policies, programs and projects that drives social or organizational change. 

Ethical framework

To address any ethical concerns that may arise during our work, we closely follow the BI ethical guidelines of the OECD. Stakeholder engagement, transparency and accountability are the key principles of our work. 

Interested how we can help you?

Meet our expert and discover how you can optimise your program, platform or product with behavior insights. 

“Just as no building lacks an architecture, so no choice lacks a context.”
Richard Thaler