Presentation of positive parenting guidebook – ‘’ABC for parents’’ in Gori municipality

‘’ABC for Parents’’ was published within the social change campaign of the European Union and UNICEF Georgia.

On October 25, 2020 BISC Partners representatives held a meeting with parents in the 12th public school of Gori municipality as part of the campaign ‘’Imshoble’’.

The meeting was attended by teachers and parents of various schools and kindergartens of Gori Municipality, the head of the Gori Local Resource Center of the Ministry of Education, representatives of ‘’BISC Partners’’ and a consortium  and ‘’Parents for Education’’.

“ABC for Parents’” was distributed among the guests and positive parenting online platform was presented. The platform was created by BISC Partners behavioral science experts and child psychologists’ team. 

Katie Gomelauri, Board Chair & Behavioral Science Lead at BISC Partners, shared the results of the research of the social norms of parenting in Georgia and noted that there is low awareness of positive parenting in the society, and the widespread method of parenting is an authoritarian style versus the dialogue-oriented approach. She emphasized that the mission of the project is to raise awareness about positive methods of upringing.

Psychologist Maia Tsiramua shared positive parenting methods with the audience and talked about ways of improving parenting styles and what are the ways to create a harmonious relationship with children and how to support their development.

A discussion was held at the end of the meeting. Parents shared their experience and heard advices from a psychologist. 

About 60 parents from different schools and kindergartens of Gori municipality attended the meeting, organised  by the program partner “Parents for Education”.

Imshoble campaign is implemented by UNICEF Georgia with the support of the European Union, within the framework of the joint project “Strengthening of child protection systems and services in Georgia”. The project is implemented by the consortium of  BISC Partners and non-governmental organization GCRT.


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