Positive Parenting Guidebook – “ABC for Parents”, Developed by BISC and it’s Partner Organizations, was presented at Dedaena Park

The guidebook was published within the social change campaign promoting positive parenting.

On July 20, 2022, positive parenting guidebook ”ABC for Parents” was presented at Dedaena Park in Tbilisi. The guidebook was published within the social change campaign supported by the European Union and the UNICEF Georgia as an educational resource promoting positive parenting and implemented by BISC Partners in cooperation with GCRT and Leavingstone.

The publication is developed by BISC’s behavior science experts in cooperation with child psychologists (GCRT) and creative agency Leavingstone and includes useful tips for parents on positive upbringing and communication with the child.

The presentation was attended by the representatives of Georgian government, UNICEF, parents, writers and psychologists, who spoke about the publication and its importance for positive parenting.

At this stage, ”ABC for Parents” is available in printed form, and will soon be published in digital form – on the positive parenting online platform “Imshoble” (imshoble.ge). The purpose of this hands-on, interactive digital platform will be to promote positive parenting by educating parents about the negative consequences of violence and positive discipline methods.

The guidebook and the project was endorsed by UNICEF Representative: Ghassan Khalil and other officials and was followed by a discussion with parents and children, which was moderated by the writers – Diana Anfimiadi and Dato Gorgiladze.

Positive parenting campaign is implemented under the framework of the project – “Strengthening Systems and Services for Child Protection in Georgia” which is supported by the European Union and implemented by UNICEF. The campaign communicates with parents and carers in schools and kindergartens, municipalities and local communities and promotes information and methods related to positive parenting. The campaign is implemented by BISC Partners, GCRT and creative agency Leavingstone.

The campaign is being implemented in the regions of Guria, Imereti and Shida Kartli.
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