Decreasing Violence Against Children Through Behavioral Change Communication

We work with UNICEF to encourage positive parenting practices.

Since December 2021, with the support of UNICEF and in collaboration with the Georgian Centre for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT) and the creative digital agency – Leavingstone, BISC Partners has been implementing the project aimed at reducing harmful social norms contributing to violence against children. 

The main objective of the interventions developed within the project is to prevent the violence against children and to nudge the target population towards applying positive parenting principles for upbringing the children. 

A significant proportion of parents are generally aware of the negative aspects of physical/psychological punishment, but it is becoming increasingly clear that knowing the negative consequences of physical/psychological punishment, or even accepting that such parenting methods should not be used against children, does not necessarily lead to appropriate behavior change. Accordingly, as part of the project, we have developed targeted interventions for the root causes of such behavior, which can nudge parents and caregivers to adopt positive parenting and care practices. The interventions will focus not only on changing behavior at the individual level, but also include a component of a campaign aimed at cultivating a new social norm of positive parenting in society.


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