CSRDG Presents EU-Supported studies of BISC Partners about Georgia’s Food Safety

How to increase consumer engagement in improving food safety standards using behavioral insights?

On June 23, the “Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia” (CSRDG) presented the studies of BISC Partners and ACT about the awareness of the population of Georgia regarding food safety.

BISC Partners provided qualitative research based on behavioral science. ACT presented quantitative research.

The project “Increased agricultural practices and consumer awareness” is supported by the European Union.

As part of the research, BISC Partners conducted a study of behavioral drivers among consumers.

The behavioral insights methodology used by BISC Partners offered CSRDG a scientifically proven way to identify an irrational system and provide solutions to drive consumers to take the desired action: increase consumer and other stakeholders (media, civil society organizations) involvement in food In the process of improving safety standards and consumer protection mechanisms.

At the presentation, Tinatin Stambolishvili, the executive director of BISC Partners, spoke about the recommendations, and Ketevan Gomelauri, the head of the behavioral science department, presented the research findings.

The results of the study will help organizations working in the direction of food safety in planning and implementing their activities, especially in promoting civic education and public participation.

The research report will be available soon on the website momxmarebeli.ge


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