Executive Director & Integrated Communications Lead

Tinatin Stambolishvili


Tinatin Stambolishvili

Tinatin is a Behavior Designer with proven track record of planning and executing behavior interventions program in private as well as public settings. Expert in strategic communications with 20 years of working experience at an executive level in local and multinational companies of various industries, including insurance, energy and media with an emphasis on government relations, CSR management, large scale IMC campaign planning and execution, employer branding, advocacy campaigns. In her capacity as an associate professor of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) Tinatin has a vast experience in developing educational programs in strategic communications, sustainability management and is the author of the course “Behavior Insights and Communication” for professionals. She is consulting companies and organizations in developing behavior design projects, innovation management, marketing agile teams’ management and various other fields. She is also a trainer and facilitator of design sprint and design thinking workshops. Tinatin took part in developing a National Plan of Covid-19 Vaccination uptake and consulted NCDC team in the research and introduction of behaviorally informed policies and interventions. One of her achievements in the field of behavior design is developing various programs for increasing online usage uptake of GPI Holding, the largest insurance company in Georgia, motivating hundreds of thousands of customers to adopt digital platforms – she took part in redesigning the digital platforms and creation of communication strategy based on behavior analysis of the target customers. Tinatin is a contributor of Forbes Woman magazine and other publications and is writing about sustainability, behavior design and communications strategies. As a public relations and communications specialist she is also well experienced in managing media relations campaigns in Georgia and internationally.