Public Policy Lead

David Shavgulidze

David Shavgulidze

David is an Information Technology / Information Security Audit professional with 8 years of practical experience in auditing eGovernment systems, Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and management information systems. David led the first IT audit unit at the State Audit Office of Georgia, which contributed to the strengthening of the Parliamentary oversight of the ongoing major reforms, increased awareness of the MPs about the cyber risks and importance of robust IT control environment in the government sector.  

David was actively involved in the international cooperation activities and capability building efforts. Initiated and established cooperation with the US Government Accountability Office’s Center for Audit Excellence to train IT audit staff and assure quality of selected IT audits. Participated in the cooperation projects with the US GAO, SAI India, SAI Poland, SAI Portugal, SAI Brazil, BAI Korea, SAI Sweden, SAI Germany, SAI Australia etc.

David has an experience in building digital transformation teams from scratch and managing change across organizational units. Successful projects include full digitalization of State Audit Office’s core business process (audit management), development and management of large scale e-commerce platform, digitalization of different size organizations and organizing different kind of ideathons / hackathons.