ABC for Parents

Decreasing Violence Against Children Through Behavioral Change Communication

With support of UNICEF, BISC Partners, in collaboration with GCRT and Leavingstone, implemented a project aimed at reducing harmful social norms that promote violence against children through the implementation of a behavioral science-based intervention.

Within the framework of the project, the platform was created and “ABC for Parents’’ was published which includes includes a colorful book with simple rules and tips and an excercie book.

In this ‘’ABC for Parents’’, children psychologists with behavioral scientists have prepared information for parents about the principles of positive parenting, the regularity of child development, and the peculiarities of communication between parents and children. Here you will find many interesting facts, stories, positive parenting methods and useful advice that will hopefully help you to be a better parent than yesterday.

The publication was created with the support of the European Union. Its content is the sole responsibility of the author and does not imply that it reflects the views of the European Union.

The publication is available in three languages:

ABC for Parents – GEO

Exercise Book – GEO

ABC for Parents – Azerbaijani

Exercise Book – Azerbaijani

ABC for Parents – Armenian

Exercise Book – Armenian


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